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Greater Kalamazoo

Wow, has our landscape changed over the past year! People are not traveling as much. We aren’t doing near as many activities. We are not even going out to eat as much. That means the investments in billboards and high-priced travel magazines does not have the reach that they used to. And any publication that relies on getting picked up by the customer has a whopping 68% LESS chance of being received at all! That makes a high quality, full color, glossy magazine that is direct-mailed worth even more to our advertisers! Another bonus, customers have time to look at our magazine.

At Community Connection Magazine we have been building, growing and improving our product for more than 25 years. We know our way around print advertising and direct mail marketing, but we are more than just a magazine publisher! We team with business owners as a marketing and advertising partner, to help them deliver their message and grow their business.

Read on to see how Community Connection can help you get your word out to your community and grow your business!

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Delivered to more than 100,000 Home and Business owners 

Every issue of the Greater Kalamazoo Community Connection Magazine is direct-mailed to more than 100,000 home and business owners in the Greater Kalamazoo and Battle Creek area!

A Strong Demographic To Deliver Your Message To

The average household income of our audience is more than $84,000, which means they have some disposable income to spend on YOUR services.

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Reach Your Audience Both In Print and Online 

Every Issue of Community Connection is published online with hot-links that take the viewer directly to your website or landing page. The digital issue is also readable by search engines which helps boost your site's S.E.O.!

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